Halloween Limited Costume
Announcement Halloween Limited Costume | POSTED BY: ADMIN 10.25.2018

Greetings, Student Leaders!

Halloween night is near! Grab your best spooky costume now! Joker and HarleyQueen will join us to celebrate our Spooktacular Halloween night!

This Halloween Limited Costume will be available on web shop on Oct 29 to Nov 4. Only 50pcs Stocks!
and get this free! by donating 1,000php plus 10% additional e-points!
Ex. donate 2,000php you will get 2pcs Joker/HarleyQ 30D limited costume, and 2,200 e-points

*Event period*
29th of October 2018,(after server maintenance) ~ 4th of November 2018.

Stay tuned for our Halloween Events!

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