[Promo] November
Announcement [Promo] November | POSTED BY: ADMIN 11.5.2018

November Promotional


Get a Free Armor or Weapon Refines Bundle and 10% additional e-points every 1,000php donation 

Ex. Donate 2,000php and get 2bundle refines of ur choice and 2,200 e-points


Armor Refines Bundle contains:

  • 30*Luxary Protection Potion
  • 30*Protection Potion
  • 3* Random Protected Necklase Box

Weapon Refines Bundle contains:

  • 30*Fine Burr
  • 30*Burr
  • 3*Random Protected Necklase Box


for fast process upon filing ticket please indicate what bundle you choose, Armor or Weapon Refines.

Promo Runs 11/05/18 ~ 11/30/18 (this promotion may change without prior notice)

How to donate? click here

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