Year End Promo
Announcement Year End Promo | POSTED BY: Admin 12.10.2019

Year End Promo Until January 31 Only

Event Shop is Open!
*Limited Costumes*
*Premium Refines*

15% Bonus EP Donation! (Before 10%)
1,000 Deno minimum for 15% EP Bonus
Free 1pc Obli E Event every 1,000 E Purchase.

*Get Free Black Mage Box [30D] for every 2,000 EP Donation*
*Get Free Black Mage Costume Box [30D] & Bloody Weapon of Choice [30D] for every 3,000 EP Donation*

Ex. EP Donation 2,000 PHP and get 2,300 EP + Devils Costume + 2 Oblivion Potion E (event)

EP Donation 3,000 PHP and get 3,450 EP + Black Mage Costume + Bloody Weapon of choice + 3 Oblivion Potion E (event)

Note: Previous promotion automatically replace by current promo

We have new Mode Of Payment Please Read this first before loading up E-Points:

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Class Topnotchers
  • PoOcH
    Level: 200
    PK Kills: 226 PK Death: 41
  • ==STINGER==
    Level: 200
    PK Kills: 73 PK Death: 85
  • ``Ace-
    Level: 200
    PK Kills: 199 PK Death: 64
  • liii
    Level: 200
    PK Kills: 61 PK Death: 110
Club Wars
  • V-GEN
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